Why Use A Pet Sitter or Caretaker?

  • Do you have a new pet that fits into your heart but not your busy schedule?
  • Are you unable to provide the exercise and attention they need?
  • Is your dog tearing up your house and still has tons of energy when you get home?

Then a midday pet visit may be just what you are looking for. Familiar surroundings are a large part of reducing your pets stress and anxiety while you are away, so we visit your home during the day. During this visit, we give them the extra attention, love, care and exercise that they crave. It is like having a pet nanny or babysitter that showers them with attention while you are away.

What are the advantages for your pet?
  • Stress Reducer. Your pet stays in its neighborhood where everything is familiar and normal.
  • Normality. Your pet develops a normal exercise and diet daily routine.
  • Healthy and Happy. Some animals get motion sickness just like humans. With a pet sitter, there is less travel in a vehicle that could upset your pet. Additionally, there will be minimal exposure to other animals reducing the risk of illnesses.
  • Attention. Your pet receives the TLC and INDIVIDUALIZED attention they desire while you are away.
What are the advantages for you?
  • Peace of Mind. Peace of mind knowing your beloved pet is in the hands of a reliable and professional caretaker.
  • Guiltless. Never feel guilty about imposing on a friend, neighbor, or relative again.
  • Security. Your home is being watched over in your absence.
  • Attention to Detail. Not only will we love your pet, we will love your home and take care of necessities such as watering plants and bringing in the mail. A pet sitter and a house sitter in one.
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