Dog Walking Business in Loudoun, Va

Many people think dog walking is merely letting the dog or puppy out to do their business. Pet lovers know that dog walking is an important part of a dog's daily routine. It eliminates stress, allows a dog to release pent up energy (which often leads to barking, biting, and detroying your home and property in one way or another). But if you own a dog you also know that a busy life with a job, a family, or other commitments can often impact the time you have to walk your dog and give it the attention and healthy exercise it needs. At Animal Au Paws we can step in to assist you when you can't be there. It could just be a matter of stopping by once a day while you are at work and making sure your dog is ok and gets the love and caring from a familiar friend. Or many you want to get away for a weekend trip or extended vacation and need to know your dog will be ok. We offer the best dog walking services and dog sitting services available in the Loudoun Va area.

At heart we are pet lovers, so we don't see dog walking or dog sitting as merely making sure the dog has food and water. It is much more than that. We try to bond with your dog so that whenever you need us you know your dog will have a familiar person looking after it. We groom the dog if necessary, and always come bearing custom made tasty treats! Playing with your beloved dog is a joy and we LOVE animals. Understanding the dog's personality and giving it the companionship and attention it needs is our primary goal.

Let us ease your stress when you are busy and away. We know we can never replace you, but we will try to be the next best thing when you can't be there.

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